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Hong Kong oasis soothes the senses

Revitalise your mind, body and spirit at one of the world’s leading spas – The Peninsula Spa by ESPA at the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong.  Cocooned away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, The Peninsula Spa by ESPA offers a memorable holistic experience that will calm your mind and soothe your senses. Corporate stresses and the effects of jet lag simply melt away as your senses are taken to a new level with opulent facilities and these therapeutic treatments designed just for men. Read more...>>

Boy spa virgin. How was your first time?

I sat nervously on the leather couch at Garth's Modern Day Spa in Brisbane waiting for my massage. I had never had a massage before and really didn't want to be there only I had been given a gift voucher for my birthday - and it was due to expire any day now. My partner had encouraged me to go - "Go on - you'll love it," she said.
Arriving at Garth's I was quite relieved to see other blokes in the entry - either arriving for or at the end of a treatment.  Read more >>

Get scrubbing

To scrub or not to scrub - that is the question. For most men a facial or body scrub can help rejuvenate tired skin, removing dead skin cells and improving skin tone and circulation. Scrubs for your face can help break down tough facial hair and minimise ingrown hairs. Always use a good face moisturiser after a scrub to help restore oil and moisture. Don't forget your scalp. Using a good exfoliating shampoo a couple of times a week can reduce dandruff and even slow hair loss. A body scrub at least once a week will improve blood circulation - pay particular attention to your elbows and knees which can have a build up of dead skin. Finally, your feet will love a good scrub to leave them feeling silky and smooth. Check out these products that will help you get scrubbing from the tips of your hair follicles to the tops of your toes.
Aveda Men Pure-Formance Exfoliating Shampoo
Winner of the 2009 Men’s Health Grooming Awards for Best Shampoo, the Aveda Men Pure-Formance Exfoliating Shampoo is made from a high-performing formula that deep cleanses hair and exfoliates the scalp creating a noticeably smoother, healthier-looking and feeling scalp. The finely crushed walnut shells and jojoba beads exfoliate the scalp to remove product build-up, oils and dead skin cells that can clog pores and ultimately result in hair loss. The spiciness of sage and the Australian kunzea plant, the coolness of licorice and spearmint, the soothing properties of lavender, and the freshness of citrus join forces to create a dynamic scent that also tones the scalp and reduces skin irritation.
Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub 'Skin Buffer for Men'
This efficient and energizing skin buffer sloughs away dead surface skin cells and other impurities from the face. Made with highly effective scrub particles derived from Apricot Kernels, this super scrub alleviates roughness and helps break down tough facial hair for a closer, more comfortable shave, while minimising ingrown hairs and other skin irritations related to shaving. With a natural blend of Caffeine, Menthol and Vitamin E - as well as invigorating extracts derived from Lemon and Orange Peels - the Kiehl's "refueling facial buffer" reenergizes complexion and gives skin a more evened, refreshed appearance.
Kiehl's 'Ultimate Man' Body Scrub Soap
Known as the ‘fatigue scrubber’, this highly efficient scrub soap, made with the super sloughing ingredients of Bran, Oatmeal and Pumice thoroughly cleanses skin and facilitates the exfoliation of dead surface cells, helping to alleviate roughness on tougher areas such as elbows and heels.
L'Occitane Shea Butter Exfoliating Foot Scrub
This foot cream contains poppy seeds, walnut powder and white clay for effective exfoliation. It eliminates dead cells and helps prevent calluses. Enriched with Shea butter (10%), its formula softens and regenerates dry skin. The essential oils of lavender (antiseptic and soothing), mint (refreshing), camphor (tonifying) and sage (deodorizing) leave feet feeling wonderfully soft and fresh.